Tonya Menz Pignato, LCSW, CAP

Tonya Menz Pignato

Supporting individuals since 1995 in

removing barriers that hide their

true identity and

reclaiming the self they were born to be.

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Tonya Menz Pignato, LCSW, CAP

   Tonya is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Addiction Professional.  She has a private practice in West Palm Beach, Florida where she specializes in Codependency, Trauma, Adult Child of Dysfunctional Family issues, Addiction, and Depressive disorders.  Tonya has worked in the Mental Health and Addiction field since 1987. 

  Tonya facilitates group, individual, and couple therapies using an eclectic compilation of approaches.  Most of her valued work has been in the capacity of primary therapist in the intensive 5 day codependent treatment program, called A Hero's Journey, as well as co-facilitating several family treatment programs. .  She is currently facilitating a weekend intensive program called Seeking Self Workshop.  She is most known for her use of experiential and psycho-drama techniques to assist individuals in taking down barriers to their inner truth and joy.  She has a strong belief in a a holistic, spiritual, Rogerian approach to life and therapy. 

   Tonya has extensive training in the experiential and Psycho-drama approaches.  She has been trained by Pia Melody on her specific experiential  approach; Post Induction Therapy, for trauma survivors.  She also been trained by Ted Klontz, Ph.D. at Onsite and by joan Marineau LMHC at the Present.   Tonya's  most important accomplishments are her three beautiful children, whom she practices the same  connections with  in her home that she teaches in her office.


 The greatest gift that you can receive is a gift to yourself-

The gift of self  love.

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Treating Trauma


Tonya has treated individuals effected by trauma since 1993.  Her work in the inpatient and outpatient environments allowed her to grow her concentration in treating trauma victims.  Tonya works with victims of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, as well as ritual sexual abuse, and victims of domestic abuse.

     Trauma results at any time when you perceive that your control has been  taken away and there is a fear of danger. Tonya believes that trauma memory is not only in the brain but in our bodies.  Our bodies have a memory all their own.  She has found that  people who has grown up in a dysfunctional household have  a similar trauma.  Therefore, she works a lot with Adult Children of Dysfunctional families and codependency.

   Tonya uses experiential and psycho-drama techniques to help individuals gain insight and begin the process of healing.  Through the use of alternative techniques, individuals can not only work through the memories but heal. 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

   Tonya Menz Pignato is trained in EMDR. This techniques has prove to be useful in the treatment of simple or complex trauma.   Bilateral stimulations assist in processing memories that would otherwise be stuck , like a snapshot in your mind.  Having a memory stuck, sets the individual up to be triggered emotionally to other stimuli with similar feelings.  Tonya has successfully used this technique with individuals experiencing emotional trauma from a wide variety of events. 

     EMDR with psychotherapy is very helpful to assist individuals in growing, when they feel "stuck".  Please read more about EMDR at their website at Tonya trusts the process of the human mind and is respectful of each person's own path.  The path of changing negative thoughts into positive belief systems  is necessary to recovery.  Using a variety of skills,  Tonya can help individuals reach their ideal goal.